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Anxiety must bow

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Anxiety must bow

By Teresa A. LeNeave

The strategy of the devil has not changed. He attacks when we are weary from fighting a battle that feels like octopus tentacles wrapping themselves around us. His purpose is to wear us down, get us discouraged and defeated. When you have problems that just won't go away: Pray. When worry increases your anxiety; you're up one day and down another; and you feel like an emotional roller coaster: Pray.

Satan attacks when we are tired from trying to keep up the pace of making a living, taking care of kids or aging parents. He tempts and discourages us in hopes that we will give up. Stress and anxiety wears on our nerves and causes us to be fatigued, frustrated, and angry. Even worse he tries to make us feel like a failure. These are all common issues that people face, but Satan tells you it's only you who battles these thoughts. He convinces you that you are alone in the battle. Everyone is looking at you. Something is wrong with you. You began to feel overwhelmed. I believe, for our own well-being, we've got to recognize the strategy of Satan. Don't believe his lies.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, Satan may think he's won, but that is precisely when God steps in and strengthens his people. When we are weak, God is strong. God has given us a tool to overcome the attacks of evil. We've got to remember his greatness!

When we are under attack; when we need help just to survive another day; when life is a constant battle, we must remember the greatness of God and remember he is the one who is fighting for us.

The Bible says our battle is against principalities and powers and wickedness in high places. Those are things, and places, we feel we don't have any control over. When we feel we have no control, we feel desperately out of control, which increases anxiety. The truth is, in our own strength, we don't have control over forces of evil, but with Jesus in us, we have a helper to ward off defeating attacks. At the first hint of anxiety, call on Jesus.

Jesus' name is above every name. Faith can override principalities and powers that rule this world and cause you anguish. The Bible says, "I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13. That verse tells me I'm not alone. It tells me there are two of us fighting this battle. In Deuteronomy 32:30, God said, "One can put 1000 to flight, two can put 10,000 to flight". Now, that's some big odds in your favor!

Ten thousand principalities and powers may be against you, but Jesus has no fear. He can easily put them to flight. The thing is this: you may know he can do that, but you have to believe he will do it FOR YOU.

It's easy to believe God is able to move a mountain for someone else, but when you're overwhelmed with anxiety and defeat, it's not so easy to believe he'll do it for you. I'm no therapist or preacher, and I don't have a PHD in physiology, but I do know, for a fact, the only way to believe God is on your side; the only way to increase your faith, is to read about his love for you in the Bible, or hear it preached or talked about. Hear it. Speak it. And speak it and speak it and speak it. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word" (Romans 10:17).

When you have a serious problem that demands a serious answer, run to the Bible. Find one or more verses that tells you how much he loves you. "When we were yet sinners, he died for us" (Romans 5:8). "I call you friends "(John 15:15).

When you're feeling overwhelmed just remember you're not left alone to fight the battle. One can put 1000 to flight, but two (you and God) can put 10,000 to flight. Principalities and powers have to flee at the name of Jesus. "At the name of Jesus every knee must bow" (Phil 2:10).

Redemption may, or may not, be instant, but it will happen. You do have hope. You always have hope when God is your pilot.

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