8 Practical Steps by J.T. Parish

J.T. Parish

8 Practical Steps

Everybody has problems and goes through times of trials, in fact, the most of us are just coming out of a trial, or we are right in the middle of one, or just about to go into one, or all three at the same time. Here are eight practical steps that will help you walk through your times of difficulty.

  1. Focus on the Lord, not on the problem! If you focus on the problem you magnify it in your mind until it engulfs you. It is the last thing you think of before you go to sleep at night and the first thing you think of in the morning. Lift your sights. Focus on Jesus - He is the answer to your problems.
  2. DO NOT go into denial - face your problem squarely. You are not an ostrich - don't put you head in the sand hoping it will go away. It won't.
  3. Put blame away. Blaming others is as old as sin itself. Adam only knew 2 people - God and Eve, his wife - and he blamed both of them for his sin. If you want help, take responsibility for you own actions.
  4. Thank the Lord! For what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do.
  5. Pray for wisdom. We often don't know what we need. We think we need more money - God may know that we really need wisdom in how to handle the money we have. Until you have asked God for wisdom, you cannot do anything better than to ask. He has promised to give it to you if you will ask in faith. (James 1:5)
  6. Claim specific promises in the word - the promises that apply to your problem. Stand by faith on these promises.
  7. Ask for help. Put away pride - everyone needs help at some time. The church is made up of brothers and sisters who will help you.
  8. Become a resource. When you overcome a problem, use you experience to help others who are dealing with the same problem.

Walk right out of this valley. It just takes 8 steps!