After School Programs in Livingston County Begin September 3

 What most kids think of when you say afterschool: “Friends & FUN!”  What most parents think of when you say afterschool: “HOMEWORK-NOW!
 What the afterschool site coordinators think of when you say afterschool: “we can make fun and homework go together…yes we can!.”
 And what research says about the “after 3:00 p.m. crowd”:  this a time when children are especially vulnerable and often left unsupervised… unwise combination. According to Afterschool Alliance for All, afterschool programs not only keep kids safe, they also help improve student’s academic performance, school attendance, behavior and health, and support working families.
 Livingston County 21st Century Community Learning Centers conduct after school programs at each school in the county and their Program Director, Mary Dunning states: “we are getting ready to begin a year that will help students academically, provide opportunities for students to be physically active, and enhance social learning while having a whole lot of fun!”
 “The South Livingston Elementary Mustang Round-up Academy is preparing for another school year and anticipates it to be as fun as in the past!,” states Tina Scheer, Site Coordinator.
 North Star Academy at North Elementary will begin the new program year with a new room. According to Site Coordinator, Tina Lawless, “homework and skill enhancement are always our main focus, but we want the kids to enjoy being a part of NSA.  This year we hope to incorporate Livingston County 4-H into our afterschool program as well as gaining other community support as much as we can.”
 Preparing All Students for Success is Project P.A.S.S at Livingston Central High School, and they are gearing up for one awesome fall according to their Site Coordinator, Pat Moore.  “This year high school students will have a choice of carpentry, archery, Jr Firefighters, Zumba, Photography Club, cooking, sewing, winter time small engine repair, and just lots of choices.”  Ms. Moore says that the focus of Project P.A.S.S this year will evolve around hands-on learning experiences and community service.
 Opportunity Zone, better known to most students as OZONE, will start with plenty of physical activity programs for the 5th thru 8th grade students from North Elementary and Livingston County Middle School.  Annie Mae Kingston, the Site Coordinator of OZONE says, “Students really enjoy the physical education classes with Ms. Alecsia Wilson, and we are going to offer them again this year.  We will also have archery, which was very popular.”  In addition, 4-H Afterschool will be conducted the 3rd Wednesday of the month at OZONE, and cooking with Ms. Detra, another kid favorite, will be the 1st Wednesday of the month.  Ms. Kingston would also like parents to know that while we are having all these fun learning experiences, we will not be forgetting homework.  “I want to place a special focus this year on math and reading homework.  I want to make the accelerated reading program an integral part of OZONE. I would love to get all my students to enjoy reading and learning as much as possible….that would really open up their world.”
 Look for additional information about your after school program along with registration materials and busing information at your child’s school or contact one of the following:
Mustang Round-up (South)-Tina Scheer – - 928-3500.  North Star Academy (North)- Tina Lawless – - 988-4000.  Project P.A.S.S.- (High School) – Pat Moore – – 928-2165.  OZONE (LCMS) – Annie Mae Kingston – -270-928-4702.  Project Coordinator – Mary Dunning – – 270-928-4702