Another year gone, a new one begins

Pat Thomann, LL Editor

Another year gone, a new one begins


It is hard to believe that another year has passed. A year filled with ups and downs. A year filled with good and bad. A year filled with joy and sadness. A year where we have said goodbye to friends and loved ones and welcomed new life into the world.

As we begin a new year we must look back and wonder if we have accomplished all that we set out to do at the beginning of the year. Resolutions were made, some kept, some broken. We resolved to exercise more and eat more healthy foods in moderation, to break bad habits and create new healthy ones. We resolved to spend less and save more, to be more accessible to our loved ones and to make life a better place for others.

But what have we accomplished? Have we lost the weight we wanted to lose? Have we spent less and saved more? Are we spending more time with loved ones or are we still spending more time away from our friends and family than we would like.

Now, as a New Year begins we have the opportunity to make new, New Year’s resolutions and again try to keep them. This year as we make those new resolutions we can think back on past years and see what we were able to accomplish and what was left undone. We can learn from our mistakes and with some planning we can try again. Everyone knows the old saying," if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.” That one works, just look at our history books. A lot of famous people tried multiple times before they accomplished great things that make life easier for us now.

My wish for you in the New Year is happiness, prosperity, good health and safety for you and your families and a joy deep in your soul that only God can provide. Take time this year to think how you can make life better for another person and I promise you will be the one that receives the most from that act of kindness. Have a safe and happy New Year and God bless.