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Asking For Eyes by J.T. Parish

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Asking For Eyes

A preacher once told a little boy about how Jesus healed blind Bartemeaus. He asked the boy, "What would you have asked from Jesus if you had been blind?" the child replied, "I would have asked Jesus for a nice dog with a collar and chain to lead me about."

How often we are like the little boy. We ask for the blind man's dog instead of the seeing man's eyes. Our lack of understanding of who God is causes us to live our lives far below our privileges as God's children.

Nearly a century ago a ministerial association sent John G. Lake a questionnaire to get his views concerning healing. The first question was, "Can God heal?" Dr. Lake's reply was an indictment of the group of ministers who aske and anyone else who ever thought such a question. Dr. Lake pointed out that the very fact that Christians would have to ask such a question showed how backslidden the church had become! "Can God heal?" We ought to know "God can!" God can do anything! After all He is God!

Which brings me to observe that so many in our generation have created in their own minds a god that is very little like the true God who is revealed in Scriptures. The God of the Bible is eternal, Holy, good, love, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, creator of heaven and earth.

You don't have a problem too big for His power. You don't have a concern too small to escape the notice of His love. He is a God of both love and wrath. One of His attributes doesn't cancel out the others. If we want to know Him our opinion doesn't count. We will get to know Him through His word and by His spirit. We have personal access into His presence through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The better we know Him the clearer it becomes that God can do anything. ASK LARGELY! "You have not because you ask not!"

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