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Balances by J.T. Parish

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The key to travelling by automobile is to stay in the road. Stay out of the ditches. And there is a ditch on both sides of the road. That same principle is important in many issues of life. Several years ago we began to read and understand more about faith. It was wonderful. Faith is how we receive Christ as our Savior. Faith believes the promises of God, and it is by Faith we get our prayers answered.

Yet problems arose around the message of Faith. The problem wasn't that Faith was over emphasized. The problems arose when some folks went beyond Biblical Teaching. They went into the side ditch of presumption. Faith will get your prayers answered. Presumption will get a knot on your head. They look a lot alike but there is a world of difference between Faith and presumption. Faith stands squarely upon the promises in God's Word. Presumption goes beyond the Word.

The question was asked, "How many times should a person pray about a thing?" some said you should pray only one time and then confess it until it manifests. They said if you pray about something then times you have prayed nine times in unbelief. Others said you should continue to pray until the answer is given. I think if I was in an airplane and the motors went dead I would pray all the way to the ground.

Here is the real problem and the solution: The Bible speaks of "A heart belief and a mouth confession." When we believe a promise in the Word in our heart then we don't have to ask again. We only need to confess it with our mouth. That is faith in action. However, the person who has a request that comes off the top of his head (no heart belief - just something he wants), he may confess it a thousand times and he will get nothing. That is not faith. It is presumption.

The world of God will keep our faith between the ditches and on the road. We need only to read, believe, and obey it.

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