Barbecue on the River - The Little Moments

Danny Granstaff, WKN Editor

Barbecue on the River - The Little Moments | west ky news,paducah,downtown,bbq on the river,memories,kentucky publishing,flood wall

PADUCAH - Barbecue on the River is in full swing now and the atmosphere of downtown Paducah is much different than it was earlier in the week. There was much activity last Tuesday morning as vendors were gearing up for the 19th Ever Barbecue on the River.  Joe Turner from Marshall County Golf Carts in Draffenville, KY had just pulled up to the floodwall to deliver golf carts for various needs during the week, as he has done in years past. Turner says, “We deliver carts for almost any event that they have within a one hundred mile radius. I haul them to Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois and of course here in Kentucky. We have two stores, one located in Lone Oak and the other in Draffenville.”
On this particular morning Turner had just dropped off some carts to David Boggs, Executive Director of Barbecue on the River, and a very, very busy man at the moment.  With just a moment in between signing papers, answering his cell phone and picking up a golf cart I asked David to briefly sum up Barbecue on the River’s mission. Without a moments hesitation Boggs says,  “We focus on 3 things: Raising the most money for charity, serving the best Barbecue in the country, and drawing the biggest crowd in Paducah. That’s what these vendors are here for, that’s what they are focusing on, and that’s why some of them have been working here since Sunday.” As he looks back over his shoulder and sees the Paducah Ambassadors at the floodwall welcoming passengers of the Queen of the Mississippi, he adds, “The Paducah Ambassadors will put their BBQ hats on as well, and volunteer in the drink trailers, this is all a great community effort.”  Most have no idea of the “little moments” which happen under the radar, unnoticed, and all that takes place leading up to one of the biggest annual events in Western KY.  Being at the right place at the right time can reveal those little moments, and many little moments always create a very large and successful event – Barbecue on the River.
For those who have not yet had the chance to attend the Barbecue on the River, it’s not too late.