Baseball Action!

James King

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Baseball Action!

By James King

The ball park in Bardwell was the happening place on Friday, May 8, with 8 & under baseball teams Bardwell Thunder and T and K Electric from Fancy Farm taking the field.

Fancy Farm opened the night with 2 base hits and a triple, bringing 2 runs across the plate but the Thunder team tied the score with 4 base hits.

Fancy Farm was held scoreless in the 2nd inning, while Bardwell added a single run with 2 base hits and a sacrifice for a 3-2 lead.

Fancy Farm went without score again in the 3rd inning but the Thunder rolled 3 runs across the plate with a double and 3 base hits, bringing the score to 6-2.

Fancy Farm started the 4th inning with 2 outs, then the rally started with a base hit, a double, a triple and a home run , bringing 4 runs home to tie the score 6-6.

Bardwell failed to score in the 4th inning and Fancy Farm was held to a zero in the 5th.

The Thunder came back in the 5th and sent a base hit, a triple and a sacrifice to the field, scoring 2 runs for an 8-6 advantage.

Fancy Farm had a final at bat, starting with a strike out, then a base hit came off the bat.

Another strike out came off, then 2 base hits brings a run to the plate.

Another base hit loaded the bases but a grounded out ends the game, giving the Thunder an 8-7 victory.

Pitching machine action continued with the Bardwell Sluggers on the field against a Fancy Farm team sponsored by Neely / Bryant / Wilson.

Fancy Farm failed to score in the opening inning, while Bardwell started things off with a base hit, a double and a home run bringing 3 runs across the plate.

Fancy Farm was held scoreless again in the 2nd inning and the Sluggers sent a single run home with 3 base hits.

Fancy Farm continued to struggle in the batters box, with no runs in the 3rd, while a double, a triple and a base hit adds 2 runs to give the Sluggers a 6-0 lead.

Fancy Farm finally got the bats ringing in the 4th inning, with 2 base hits and a triple bringing 2 runs to the plate, cutting the score to 6-2.

Bardwell added 2 runs in the 4th with 2 base hits and a triple and kept Fancy Farm scoreless in the 5th to take an 8-2 victory.