Bombers pummeled by Patriots

Kelly Paul, AY Editor

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Barlow - Coming out of a 3-0 win to Dawson Springs on Aug. 31st, the Bombers suffered a tremendous blow during their home game against Massac County on September 5th.  The Patriots dominated the field and attacked BMHS without relenting until they walked away from the contest with a 0-9 win over the Bombers.

From the beginning of the contest, Massac County started an offensive onslaught against the Bombers with clean passes and tight formations as they continually made their way up the field to score goal after goal that would elevate them to a 0-5 lead over the Bombers at the half.

Despite attempts on goal by senior forward Clayton Walker and senior forward Weston Gordon in the first half, the Patriot’s passing strategy kept the Bombers on the defensive as the Massac players called out to one another when they were open to receive a pass.  Their communication, passing, and quick thinking appeared to be what escorted them into the 2nd half far ahead of the Bombers.

Within 6 minutes of the 2nd half, the Patriots continued their assault on BMHS with a straight shot that soared into the goal.  Junior midfielder Austin Walters went in for an attempt, but the shot didn’t hit its mark.  Shortly thereafter, Massac scored off of a corner kick to the center where it was slammed into the goal.

Clayton Walker had an attempt on goal from a free kick, but the ball went up and over the goal.  Austin Walters went in for another goal, but without enough power, the ball didn’t quite make it.  With only 2 minutes left in the game, the Patriots took one more shot on goal, but it sailed high above the goal.  Even with missing this goal, Massac County sealed their win with a 0-9 final score.


Statistics (Dawson Springs v BMHS)

Goals: Clayton Walker (1 goal), Devin Griffin (1 goal), and Austin Walters (1 goal)

Assists: Clayton Walker, Austin Walters



Statistics (Massac v BMHS)

Goals allowed- Justin King (2) and Josh Moss (5)