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Building Fences...by Dr. J.T. Parish

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Once upon a time, a fine little town faced a big problem. The town was located near a huge cliff and many children were killed by falling over the cliff.

In a town meeting, it was suggested that a hospital be built at the foot of the cliff. A money-raising campaign was successful, and the hospital was built.

For several years, the hospital treated victims of the cliff. It was a limited success. Four out of one hundred who fell over the cliff were saved because they received prompt attention. But, the citizens were still concerned because ninety-six out of every one hundred persons died anyway, regardless of the best efforts of the hospital staff.

In another town meeting, someone suggested building a fence at the top of the cliff to prevent the children from falling over.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! One hundred percent of the children were saved because they never fell over the cliff!

Thousands of children are falling over the cliffs of alcoholism, drugs, delinquency, and occultism. Many good treatment programs help salvage some of them. We thank God for all these efforts. How much better it would be to prevent our youth from falling over these cliffs of destruction.

We need to build some fences! These fences must be built in the homes, churches, and schools. Bible reading and prayer and the Christian example of Godly parents build a strong fence. 

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