Eastern Kentucky bound

Kate Prince

When all of the shutdowns and quarantines started in the spring, I began to worry that our church's annual mission trip to eastern Kentucky would be cancelled. Thankfully, many restrictions have been lifted and our mission team is made up of less than 50 people. We will be headed to Blackey, Kentucky this weekend for a week of fellowship and hard work.

Just like every year in the past, I will be cooking meals all week for our team and the family of missionaries that live at Calvary Campus. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing any of the specific mission work or helping the community, but then I'm reminded that someone must provide food and strength for those outside doing physical labor. I'm not sure what all of the projects are this year, but I've heard the words tile, grout and paint; I'm sure everyone will stay busy.

I've thought a lot over the past few weeks about my friends that are missionaries. Due to COVID-19, travel has been limited, which in turn has decreased the number of mission teams that could travel to places like Blackey or Lynch. When teams come to work, they invite the missionaries to eat with them, they donate all of their leftover supplies to the ministry, and their small fee for room and board helps pay the monthly bills.

The missionaries that work with Meridzo Ministries have faith-based salaries, meaning they don't have any guaranteed income; they trust God to supply all of their needs. With no teams on any of the campuses, their needs have obviously increased and they are truly relying on God more now than ever. They don't file for unemployment during times like this or get a weekly bonus check to help with expenses. Instead, they spend more time in prayer and draw closer to God as he supplies every need. If only we could all have that much faith and reliance on our Heavenly Father! Please pray for our team next week.