Cameras Help Ensure School Bus Safety


Cameras Help Ensure School Bus Safety | livingston ledger,livingston,buses,cameras,safety,livingston county high school,

Livingston County Schools are continually looking for ways to ensure student safety.  Last year superintendent Darryl Chittenden and school board members added a buzzer and surveillance camera system to entry doors at all schools.  The most recent safety measure administrators have implemented is to equip some of the district’s school buses with video cameras. 


According to Livingston County Schools Superintendent Darryl Chittenden, “Three school bus cameras have been added this year on a pilot basis.  If they are found to be helpful we may add a few more every year.”


Cameras have been placed on Melvin Woodford’s bus and Karen Vaughn’s bus which will impact students at Livingston Central High School, Livingston County Middle School and North Livingston Elementary School.  A camera has also been ordered for Regina Ringstaff’s bus which will impact students at South Livingston Elementary School.  The cameras will record audio and video as long as the bus is running.  Drivers also have the option to turn on recording if the bus is parked and not running.  A camera was mounted in the front and back of the buses selected, so there will be vivid footage of the entire bus. 


“Student safety is always our top priority,” said Sue Campbell, transportation office director.  With student safety continually in the forefront, bus video cameras are one of many things in place to help ensure a safe learning environment for all Livingston County students.