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Can my pet get COVID-19?

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We all have been concerned out the health of ourselves and family and loved ones during this time. For some people their pets are their family too. There is a good reason to be concerned about your pets' health during a global pandemic, that did indeed come from animals. Dogs can get a certain strain of the coronavirus. They can not get the COVID-19 strand that has become a global pandemic. The American Kennel Club has reassured us to know that in the United States our pets are safe during this time and we are safe to be around them.

Do not fear that you will get this virus from your pet. The virus will contaminate surfaces for different periods of time, but petting your pets or cuddling your pets does not raise any concerns for contracting the virus through them. Walking is good for pet owners and their pets mentally and physically. Walking your pets during this time is a positive thing that can come out of this pandemic. Our pets need the exercise as do people since we are not going to be moving around as much as we usually would. Try avoiding crowded or busy areas when walking your pets so that you are still practicing social distancing with a safe approach.

Reference(s): The American Kennel Club; https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/news/can-dogs-get-coronavirus/

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