Chamber Breakfast May 2014

Kelly Paul, AY Editor

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(Chamber Breakfast May 2014)

Chamber addresses “Kynect-ing” small businesses with health insurance

La Center - Kathie Hunt, Health Benefits Exchange Program “In-Person Assistor” with the Purchase Area Development District (PADD) was the guest speaker at the recent Ballard County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast held at the Bluegrass Restaurant in La Center on Tuesday.

Hunt presented information about the Kynect program and placed emphasis on how small businesses can provide insurance through them with the possibility of receiving tax credits.

Hunt explained how the Kynect program works and how it can benefit small businesses. The PADD, along with several other organizations, insurance companies, West Kentucky Allied Services, and some physicians offices, are all part of a network of local groups that are trying to make sure that everyone in Kentucky is aware of what is available though Kynect for both individuals, families, and small business owners so that more citizens can be covered by health insurance.

According to Hunt, more and more families are just one illness, one tornado, or one house fire away from financial catastrophe. “The health insurance program [Kynect] that is being offered in Kentucky as part of a national effort, offers one way for those families to be better prepared,” said Hunt. She said it also offers small businesses the opportunity to provide health insurance to its employees.

The small business health insurance option is designed to offer a qualified health plan to employees and to provide tax credits as a subsidy or incentive to help small businesses provide health insurance to their employees and their families, according to Hunt.

While Hunt acknowledges that small business insurance is complex, she says that she, along with other “connectors” are available to help employers find a plan.

Open Enrollment for individuals and families will be from November 15th through January 15th. Employer coverage is available on a continuous open enrollment basis.

Ballard Chamber Director Myra Hook spoke about upcoming events centered on business in the county. The Chamber will be hosting two businesswomen events; one will be held in June at the Barlow House, and the other will be held at Two Rivers Fisheries in Wickliffe on August 14th.

Hook also announced that the Chamber is currently sending out ballots for new board members. She said the Chamber is also working on solidifying committees that would give others who belong to the Chamber the opportunity to participate.