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God is your guide

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Our spirit is a serious thing. It is reflected through our attitude and this attitude affects everything we do. Our attitude also determines whether or not we achieve our goals in life.

My main purpose in life is to reflect the true personality of the Lord for others to see. I want to 'make Him look good'. So far, this goal hasn't been achieved, but I am trying to be open minded and learn to look for subtle deceptions the enemy tries to play on me.

To expose his tricks, we must root him out of our spirit. Proclaim, "My body is the property of the Lord God." I need the leading of the Holy Spirit to do this.

Every moment I spend listening to the enemy and thinking his evil thoughts, is another precious moment that is lost forever. I realize that moment was stolen from me by the enemy. And, I let it happen. He has already stolen too much from me. It's time to take that mountain, as Caleb did.

Joshua and Caleb had a different Spirit. When they saw a giant, he looked like a grasshopper. When a hindering spirit confronted them, their solution was simple: stop, pray and wait for directions.

Their destination was clear. They refused to go back. They knew their journey was ordained by God, for His purpose. Hindering spirits only increased their faith. When the Master called, they went. When He said wait, they waited. When He said move, they moved. Timing is everything. Keep the goal, the destination, in mind at all times. We will all achieve as we believe enough to act. Walk the journey that's before you.

Jesus is my guide

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