Civil War Days at Columbus

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Civil War Days at Columbus

October13-15, 2017

Columbus-Belmont State Park (Columbus, KY)

The weekend will include battle reenactments, living history, and encampments. Friday is "education day". Schools, scouts, groups, & clubs are encouraged to schedule field trips. Battles will be held at 2:00 both Sat. and Sun. featuring skilled reenactors bringing history back to life. Battles are narrated. There will be a Ghost Walk on Friday evening through the historic earthworks and a Civil War Ball on Saturday night featuring The 52nd Regimental String Band. Sunday morning services led in period style by Rev. Alan Farley followed by a memorial ceremony at Columbus Cemetery. Sutlers and food vendors will be on site to serve the needs of the reenactors and visiting guests. Cavalry and artillery by invitation, all infantry welcome. Straw, wood, powder ration, and a meal will be provided to reenactors. There is no registration fee or admission charge. For more information and pre-registration of sutlers and reenactors, please call Park Office (270-677-2327) or email