Contract signed for Trails Grant Project by Mayor Hopkins

Kelly Paul, AY Editor

Wickliffe – Mayor Lynn Hopkins told the City Council Members that he signed the contract with Grief Contracting to perform the initial dirt work and pour the concrete in the amount of $70,000 for the Trails Grant Project. The City of Wickliffe will provide the concrete and handle the electrical work.

City Maintenance Supervisor Guy Johnson gave his report. Johnson informed the City Council Members that the recent water problems at the water plant have been fixed.

Under new business, Johnson stated that one of the three city wells only pumps 160 gallons of water per minute. Johnson continued by saying that the other two wells can pump approximately 600 gallons of water per minute together right now. Johnson stated, “I would like to make preparations for a new well to be put in.”  Per Johnson, the cost would be between $100,000 and $150,000. Jonson stated that he met with Maintenance Manager Jeff Smith of Two Rivers Fisheries. Per Johnson the company wants to expand and add a new machine that will use 7,000 gallons of water in an hour within the next six months. As of right now, the water plant can handle the amount. Johnson did state that the Commonwealth of Kentucky does not like water plant to use more than 50% of their capacity and wants water plants to make preparations for another well. Johnson says that he is concerned about having another well problem without having a back up well to provide the amount of water that Two Rivers Fisheries would like to use. Hopkins and Council Member Chris Halteman would like to invite Angie Yu President of Two Rivers Fisheries to the next Wickliffe City Hall meeting. As of right now, the City Council Members tabled Johnson’s request to put in another well.

During the Legal report, Hopkins stated that 1st Street still has not been closed. It was decided that Hopkins would contact City Attorney Bethany Denton about the street closure. Back in April 2012 City Attorney Bethany Denton discussed 1st Street. She stated that according to the Property Valuation Assessors Office (PVA), Wickliffe has three streets named 1st Street. The third street labeled 1st Street in Wickliffe is listed as River Road by PVA. Denton’s main concern was that she did not want to close down the wrong street labeled as 1st Street. During the current meeting Hopkins said, “1st Street should have been closed four months ago.”

Under old business, the Main St Program, created several years ago, was discussed. During September’s meeting, City Maintenance Supervisor Guy Johnson informed the council that the bid was accepted and he sent it to Harry Carver from the Department of Local Government. As of this months meeting, Hopkins stated that the letter has not been received by the City of Wickliffe.