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Today is Thursday, July 16, 2020

Call me a singer

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Over the past few weeks, my mind has been on heaven. Why you ask? There's two reasons. First of all, several of my friends have lost loved ones recently. Second, with the shape our world is in, heaven sounds sweeter by the minute!

Growing up in Mississippi Baptist Church, I learned the song, "When All of God's Singers Get Home." I can still hear Bennett Thomason singing these lyrics.

"When all of God's singers get home, where never a sorrow will come. There'll be no place like home, when all of God's singers get home."

Stop and think about heaven for a moment. No more tears, no turmoil, no sadness, no more goodbyes. As the second verse of the song says, joy here on earth can't compare to the glory up there! Singing is one of my absolute favorite things; I can't even begin to imagine what heaven's music will sound like!

Sadly, there are plenty of people who would read that sentence and think "not that kind of music for me." Have you ever been at a child's birthday party and when everyone starts singing the whole place lights up with smiles and the child is elated? That is only a glimpse of heaven's joy and singing. We will be praising Jesus! The One who died to set us free in that heavenly home.

Those who do not know Jesus have no idea what is waiting. Many are wrapped up in themselves and Only care about what they want to do. How tragic that so many of mankind today want to fight, kill, destroy and create havoc. They could be planning to reach a mansion, but instead they choose to live in sin. And they call it winning.
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