Damron Appliance open during remodel

Kelly Paul, AY Editor

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Damron Appliance open during remodel

La Center - Driving through La Center, one would be remiss to fail to notice there are some changes happening at Allen Damron Appliance and TV. With workers busily constructing a new façade to the building, the store is quickly taking on a new appearance.

“It’s time to upgrade and change,” said Allen Damron as he talked about the remodel taking place at his store, which has been in operation for 30 years.   He spoke of having survived the past four years that have not gone well for retailers. He feels it is now time to modernize the store.

Allen said he is offering even more product than he has in the past. One item in particular is the Med-Lift Chair. In addition, Damron Applicance will be offering metal artwork and recliners alongside electric fireplaces, storage buildings and computers/tablets. Allen said his is the only store around that still sells land-line telephones. He also said he sales turn-tables, so his store is steadily moving into the future by remaining firmly rooted in the past.

Allen Damron would like his customers to know that he is open for business during the remodel.