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Today is Friday, November 24, 2017

Victoria's Not So Secret

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Victoria's Not So Secret

As a student of popular culture, I'm shocked that we're shocked. Where sin rules, exploitation and deception follow. Lessons unlearned in the Garden. Fast forward: same song, second verse.

Here's what I'm presently observing: America betrays herself. We're not so liberated after all. Moral relativism? Hardly! It didn't work. We tried. No God. No objective standard. No archaic restrictions.

Freedom, right? Wrong. Not even close. The modern West unraveling by means of an unworkable system of valueless values. Now our gospel silence screams.

Sexual independence without restraint? I'm totally into it. Until you touch my daughter.

That's because moral Jell-O doesn't work. Never has. Too jiggly.

Maybe we're human after all.

"What is truth?" he quipped (John 18:38). The serpent's subterranean snobbery reincarnated and rolling off the lips of Pontius Pilate. Hoist with his own petard.

Truth was right there. Right in front of him. He missed it. What followed was public scandal.

Sooner or later the piercing light of day exposes the balderdash which has been whispered in the night.

Truth. Don't miss it.

Pastor Charles

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