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E is for Education, D is for Dedication

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E is for Education, D is for Dedication

Have you ever wondered what this world would be like without our teachers? Those individuals that sometimes spend more time with our children than we do. As someone who has a family member and friends who teach, I hear first-hand the trials and tribulations teachers go through. Long hours and spending lots of their own money for supplies seems to be the norm, but they don't complain, they are glad to do it.

I also hear the joy in their voices as they tell of the accomplishments their students have made. I hear the pride they feel in their hearts. Teachers these days endure a lot from some of their students and unfortunately sometimes the parents but they go on teaching our kids because they see them as our future and want them to succeed. They know the importance of a good education and that it will make the student a productive member of society.

The photo you see is of my favorite teacher, my daughter-in-law Lisa Streetman Jones. The handsome man with her is my son Larry. They are die hard Florida Football fans but I won’t hold that against them. I have known Lisa since she was in high school and worked for me at Parker's Drive-In. She has always been a hard worker, loves her students and loves teaching. Lisa teaches at Concord Elementary in Paducah.

In the coming months you will see some of Livingston County's teachers and hear their stories. Watch for them in your Ledger.

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