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Excuses by J.T. Parish

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A woman told my wife and I that she loved the Lord and the church, but admitted she had not attended a service in over three years. Her excuse was a classic. She had an ingrown toenail! My wife told her she could certainly sympathize with anyone who suffered to pain on ingrown toenails since all ten of hers are ingrown. At that time she had not missed a worship service in seventeen years.

People usually do what they want to and find some excuse for not doing what they don't want to do. Even people in Bible days offered some pretty lame excuses for their disobedience. Adam and Eve sinned. Adam blamed his wife and Eve claimed the devil made her do it.

Aaron told Moses that it wasn't his fault the people worshipped an idol. The people brought their gold and out jumped to golden calf. Jesus told a king who invited folks to a feast. One excused himself by saying he had just married. Another had bought some land and a third on had bought some oxen. They all excused themselves. Their excuses didn't prevent the feast it only caused them to cut themselves out.

People still make excuses today.

  1. "there are hypocrites in the church." There are hypocrites in the world also. The church certainly has no monopoly on hypocrites. Anyone who doesn't want to be around hypocrites surely wouldn't want to go to Hell. I had rather go to church a short time with a few hypocrites than to go to Hell for eternity with all the hypocrites.
  2. "I have plenty of time." No one knows that. We don't know how much time we have. We do know "today is the day of salvation." If you don't receive Christ you are going to have plenty of time to regret it.
  3. "There are so many churches I don't know what to believe." Don't worry about what others believe. Receive Christ as your own Savior, read and study the Bible for yourself, and let the Holy Spirit lead you to the church where you can fellowship and worship.

When you get right down to the bottom line, God doesn't want our excuses. He wants our obedience.

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