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He doesn't rewrite the past ... he rewrites the future

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He doesn't rewrite the past ... he rewrites the future

By Teresa A. LeNeave

People say God can do everything, but one thing God cannot do is change what has already happened. He can change the repercussion of it, but if it happened, it happened. That can't change. In our day, we hear of some who want to rewrite history. They can rewrite it their way or just leave it out of history books, but it will never change the fact that it happened.

The really good thing about God is that we know He can turn the future around in spite of the past. He doesn't rewrite the past. He rewrites the future. Now, that's a GOOD thing! That reminds me of how our future can change if we want it to. Events change when we change what we are doing. We have some responsibility for things that are happening around us.

The world can be falling in around you and crumbling to pieces, but how you react to the falling has a lot of bearing on how well you get through it. Trusting a Savior who is bigger than we are is always the best option.

Even if we aren't seeing a visible change, change is going on when Jesus is involved. We must believe that. Jesus said, "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein". He didn't say "come as a child", he said "RECEIVE the Kingdom of God as a child". What could he mean by 'receive'? We know when you receive something, you take it to yourself. It becomes yours. It's accepting someone or something. To receive is to possess. It becomes part of who we are. What we have.

He also said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." As a rule, when this verse is preached, the speaker often brings out the fact that a little child doesn't hold grudges. That is one aspect of a child's character, but I believe it's even deeper.

A child does more than forgive and forget. A child grows, constantly learning and developing into a productive man or woman. Didn't Jesus say he wants us to "grow up into Him", speaking of taking on His character and love?

He also said the Kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed, which when it is sown in the earth, is smaller than all the seeds that are in the earth...but when it grows up, it becomes greater than all herbs and shoots out branches so the birds of the air can come and lodge under its shadow.

As a child grows, s/he learns to deal with anger, jealousy, love, hatred, pain, feelings of rejection or not being accepted. Children are faced with a mass of emotions that they are forced to learn to deal with.

I suggest that when Jesus said "of such" are the Kingdom of God, He is speaking of something far deeper and more intense than just forgiveness. It is accepting God as the authority and ultimate truth. It is trusting Him. It is leaning on Him for protection and care. It is learning to deal with anger, jealousy, love, hatred, pain, feelings of rejection or not being accepted. It is obeying His Word, because it will help us grow up to perfection in Him. It is a developing character within us that leads us to His likeness.

In this growing process, we can be sure, God understands all these feelings and emotions. He knows how you're feeling and he understands it. Think about that.

You know how much you are attached to your children and how you feel a responsibility toward them? God feels the same way about you. You naturally feel a "bond" with anything you create whether it's a piece of art, a decorated room or a painted piece of furniture. Anything you create, you have an emotional connection to. God has a "bond", an emotional connection, with you because He created you.

Hold on. He will teach us to deal with all the feelings that we don't understand. Looking forward you may not always see his footprints, but looking back you'll always see where he picked you up and carried you.

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