Final Pizza Run for 71 year old delivery boy


Final Pizza Run for 71 year old delivery boy | west ky news,kentucky publishing,pizza inn,delivery man,pizza boy

Jerry Vandevelde, started delivering pizzas for Pizza Inn in September of 1994, ending his career on September 25th, with his final run as the pizza delivery "boy" to the Mid-city branch of Paducah Bank.  At 71 years of age, Jerry has done it all.  He attended Vanderbilt University, then came home to help with his father's construction business, joined the Navy, and then worked in real estate.  When things were not as promising as need be, Jerry looked to Pizza Inn and delivering pizzas for a pay check.  "I am self-sufficient, and I am able to take care of myself, which is exactly what I can do while working here.  I enjoy being around the people!"

Steve Link, the Vice President of Pizza Inn, presented Jerry with a watch to show the company's appreciation for Jerry's dedication and service.  "Jerry's service speaks volumes to the type of presentation we want to have in the community.  Twenty years in one position, is a great position to have, as well as very profound.  Larry Rust, the franchisee here at Paducah, has done an excellent job of providing a well rounded place for his employees to enjoy working at."

"Jerry has probably delivered more pizzas than any driver in Paducah," said Larry Rust, franchisee of Paducah's Pizza Inn.  "His driving career spanned 19 years and Jerry never had an accident.  He has been an outstanding employee.  He always got along well with everyone and never let his age hinder him from doing his best.  We will surely miss him."