Fiscal Court approves mandatory permit system

Kelly Paul, AY Editor

Fiscal Court approves mandatory permit system

Wickliffe - During the recent meeting of the Fiscal Court, Electrical Inspector Ricky Emerson discussed the need to have an electrical permit system in place since it is now mandatory to have such a system. Emerson suggested the Fiscal Court contact McCracken County to see how they have implemented their permit system; although, McCracken County’s system will differ in that they employ a salaried Electrical Inspector, and Ballard County does not.

McCracken also includes an electrical permit with its inspector’s fee. Ballard County will keep the inspector’s fee and electrical permit separate. Individuals requiring an electrical permit will need to go to the Judge Executive’s office to purchase one. As of the Fiscal Court meeting, an exact cost for a permit had yet to be established. Judge Executive Vickie Viniard said she would check with other counties to obtain a fair price for a permit.

In other business, the Fiscal Court opened bids for custodial and maintenance services. These services are for county buildings. Owens Cleaning Services was awarded the bid.

In his Ambulance Department report, Michael Clarke commended TaLisa Grief with EMS for her role in assisting a cardiac arrest patient at NewPage. Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard said she did not think the young man would have survived had it not been for TaLisa. Clarke said his department had 145 responses in January; 78 required transports.

Clarke also discussed the need for a Power Lift System for county ambulances. This system would help responders lift a heavy patient into the ambulance. Clarke is specifically concerned about an individual in Kevil who has needed assistance in the past and who will probably need assistance in the future. Clarke thinks that EMS will not be able to lift the man. The cost for one lift is $22,500. Judge/Executive Viniard said further discussion was needed before making a decision.

Emergency Management Director Travis Holder was not able to attend the Fiscal Court Meeting. Viniard presented Holder’s department report, which included a list of training his department will be attending to get certification. These trainings include extrication exercises and water rescue training.

Jailer Mike Horn presented his report on the Detention Center. He said the jail population is down from this time last year. He also spoke about the recent incident at the detention center involving a deputy being charged with official misconduct by the Kentucky State Police. Horn said the Deputy had been employed by the Detention Center for a year, but Horn could not comment further on the incident since an investigation is still ongoing.

Sheriff Todd Cooper gave his department report, which included 6 burglaries in the month of January. Two arrests have been made. Cooper also reported having been contacted by residents who are concerned about suspicious activity on Martin Road involving men in hoodies walking up and down the road.

In his report on Animal Control, James Campbell updated the court on a report of a horse being neglected. As of the meeting, Campbell was waiting for a report on the status of the horse. Campbell also talked about a search warrant having been served at a residence in Crystal Lake Resorts involving dogs. Campbell also addressed the ongoing cat problem in the county.

Viniard said she wanted to address the county’s animal ordinance pertaining to cruelty to animals.   She would like to see offenders receive more penalties for their actions.

In his Solid Waste Report, James Campbell said his department had brought in 1,900 pounds of cardboard last month. He also said the department has started using Kentucky Metal out of Murray to take Ballard County’s metal. In addition, Campbell addressed Property Maintenance with a focus on three properties in particular.

County Road Supervisor Dave Walker presented the Road Department report, which included the issue of repairing potholes. He said an extended period of warmer weather to heat the pavement is needed for potholes to be filled. He also expressed the need for new vehicles. The court approved the purchase of two trucks, two salt spreaders, and one bushhog.