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Get involved: Walk 4 Water

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Get involved: Walk 4 Water

Many people would say that it’s a rare occurence these days, when you see people doing good deeds for one another. I, on the other hand, see more and more people from our community doing good deeds for others. About a year ago a friend of mine, took her daughter to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in an event called Walk 4 Water.

The friend was Ginger Moore, the wife of an old golfing buddy and Paducah attorney Mike Moore. Their family attends Broadway Church of Christ, and Ginger has spearheaded a movement to bring the Walk 4 Water event to Paducah.
It’s wonderful to see Christians from all denominations pull together. The result is ever present when the common cause is to help others less fortunate.

The Nashville event has crafts made from several hundred people. This event gets such an outpouring of participation and is to help the Walk 4 Water organizers ready themselves to build another well. After seeing the success of the Nashville event, Ginger was inspired to get Broadway COC involved.

As for Broadway COC, they’ve got things in order and are well-staffed and ready to make this local event a success. Helping organize the event is Jason Whitley. Jason is serving as the Walk Coordinator for this event, which is part of Healing Hands International. He has seen this event take-off and has the full support of COC members and Pastor Dan Owen, the church leader for over 31 years.

Paducah’s Walk 4 Water event is going to take place at Noble Park. There will be a 4-mile walk set up at the park, with two trips around the inner circle and the outer circle and all by the water at the park, therefore keeping with the water theme.

The event takes place on Saturday, April 19th. The day before Easter Sunday.

‘Walk 4 Water’ simply translates into Walking to earn money, which ultimately is dispersed through a church in a country that oversees digging wells in countries like Ethiopia, Honduras, South Africa and the list goes on and on.
What’s really touching is seeing how many different types of people are getting behind this local effort. Businesses such as Bradshaw and Weil, Heath Elementary school children, area soccer teams, other churches like Concord Methodist, and many more make a list that’s a wonderful mosaic of our community.

Why they are doing this? It’s to build wells and get water to areas that are desperate to get water to their area.
Six thousand people a day in these remote areas walk an average of four miles a day to get their water and are having to carry a load of water that weighs 48 pounds.

The problem is that 90% of these people are getting water that’s bad due to bacteria and giving these people unclean drinking water.

The plight of the folks that have to drink unclean water is horrible, AIDS, MALARIA, MEASLES, ETC.

WALK 4 WATER helps raise money so that people can give others a real chance at making it on their own. From sustainable farming and drip irrigation, to fixing wells and adding purification systems, these people are also given the chance to help them self.

The good thing about this event is seeing people from all over the area coming together in an effort to help someone else.

Their effort gives the area church leaders in these foreign countries the chance to share the ‘spiritual water’ that’s needed to bring others the chance to know Christ. Thanks to this, the glory goes to God.

Remember what Jesus said in MARK 9: 41 . . . . .
For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.

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