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God's Word Is Essential by J.T. Parish

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God's Word Is Essential

God's Word is food for your should, a light to your path, and the only thing that will grow your faith. It has been well said: "the best thing to do with the Bible is to know it in the head, stow it in the heart, sow it in the world and show it in the life."

The degree of our spiritual vigor will almost always be in direct proportion to the time we spend in God's Word. But someone may object that the Bible is a dull book. The Bible will not be a dull book if you get to know the author. An actor used perfect diction as he read the 23rd Psalm. Then an old man who had been a Christian for many years read the same Psalm. There was not a dry eye in the house afterward, the actor said, "I know the 23rd Psalm, but that man knows the Shepherd." The bible is never a dull book to anyone who knows the Shepherd.

Some folks read the Bible in a "hit or miss" fashion. They usually miss more than they hit. Systematic daily study of God's word will build your faith and change your life in a good, positive way. When you read a passage of Scripture, ask yourself three questions:

  1. What does the passage say?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. How can I obey it?

What if you read a chapter every day for ten years, asked yourself these questions and followed through to obey the Scriptures as you understood them? Your faith would be strong and your life would be Christ like. The Word of God, is essential!

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