Governor Steve Beshear visits Barlow

Pat Thomann, LL Editor

Governor Steve Beshear visits Barlow | advance yeoman,governor,steve beshear,senior citizen,vicki viniard,magistrates,check,building,money,barlow,ballard county

Governor Steve Beshear visited the Senior Citizens Center in Barlow on Tuesday to present the Fiscal Court with a check in the amount of $500,000 to build a new senior center. Several were in attendance including Commissioner Tony Wilder, who spearheaded getting the grant for the senior center. Also in attendance were members of the Fiscal Court, city and county officials officials, members of the Senior Center Board, and members of the community.

"I'm happy to announce we at the state level are going to partner with them [Senior Citizens Board and the Fiscal Court], and I've brought a check for $500,000 to partner with this community and with this county and build you a new senior center right here in Barlow," announced Governor Beshear.