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Weakness doesn't scare God

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Weakness doesn't scare God

By Teresa A. LeNeave

In spite of our weaknesses, God chose us to pray for other Christians, the world, everyone and everything. Moses had a speech impediment, but God wasn't afraid to use him. We may feel weak and unable to make a difference, but that's just a lie from Satan. The Bible says, when we are weak, He (God) is strong (strong in us) 2 Cor 12:10. Just like God used Moses' in his weakness, he wants to use us, and our prayers, to win spiritual battles here on earth.

If you've been a Christian very long, you know praying takes time. In fact, you can't be a prayer warrior and be lazy. Some people don't pray because of unbelief. They can't seem to believe there's a God in heaven who actually answers prayer. Others don't pray because it cuts out a huge portion of their time. Still, others pray sporadically because they just don't have the drive it takes to pray daily.

From experience, I can tell you there are times we don't pray because we are too uncomfortable and convicted to pray. I remember a time when I had become the prodigal. Although I was still a believing Christian, I didn't want to read the Bible, or pray, because every time I did, I'd think, "Why am I doing this? I'm not living right." I knew I didn't deserve God's attention so I felt uncomfortable when I prayed. Through that experience I learned a lot about God's love. My deserving had nothing to do with God's loving me. I realized He loved me in spite of where I found myself and that He was constantly reminding me that I needed to draw closer to Him.

One night I was at a local club and above all the loud music and a hundred people talking at the same time I heard a voice say, "What are you doing here? You don't belong in here." I knew that was the voice of God. I left and never went back. That is just one example of a time He spoke as He pursued me in my weakness. There were many other times His Spirit spoke into my spirit and I soon learned His love endures forever ... that He never leaves us.

The truth is, it's the times when we are struggling that we learn how much God loves us. Spiritually, we are battling against principalities, against powers and rulers of the darkness of this age (Ephesians 6:12). Those are things we can't see and often don't understand. Prayer is a spiritual battle, which is why, sometimes, it is very hard to find the time, or the will, to pray.

I believe God is continuously involved in our lives. We can't get away from Him even if we try. In Him we live, we move and we have our being (Acts 17:28). He knows where we are and what we need whether we pray or not. Prayer, just like tithing, is a matter of the heart. Prayer was a big part of Jesus' life here on earth. Prayer is still a part of his life. The Bible says He is seated in heaven constantly making intercession (praying) for us here on earth. If prayer is that important in Jesus' life shouldn't we put a little more value on it in our lives?

"Praying always, with all prayer and supplication (specific requests) in the Spirit, watching with all perseverance (determination) and supplication for all the saints... (Eph. 6:18).

Prayer is like the root of a tree. It has some big, very important roots that stabilize the tree, but then it has a thousand tiny little roots and each of them has a purpose. There are some major, stabilizing prayers, but then we have many little prayers, each with a purpose as well. Most of us pray for a multitude of things, but all prayer is important. Battles are won in the prayer closet.

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