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Today is Friday, September 25, 2020

How is my Pet Responding to COVID-19?

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With most of us having to stay at home during this time, our pets are loving us being there with them. They may take a little time getting used to having to share a usually empty house, but I am sure they are loving the extra cuddles and attention that they are getting. Even though what we are going through globally is a tragic time, we still need to think of the positive things that are going on around us. We get to spend more time to ourselves, with our pets, and our household. This is a good time to give your dog that walk that you've been meaning to do and keeping your pets loved and healthy. Your pet can not get COVID-19 so you do not have to worry about them getting ill during this time. If something does go wrong with your pet during this time, most veterinary clinics are still open during this time. Most of the clinics who are open may have different hours of operation or different policies that they are implementing during this time. To be sure on what they are, call your local veterinary office and see what you need to do to help your pets during this rough time in a communities.

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