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Getting the best outcome for your life

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It's hard to understand why some things happen. Why all the mass shootings? Why does God allow genocide and starvation? Why do children get sexual abused, mentally abused, and perpetrators get away with it? You wonder why. And, why doesn't God destroy perpetrators so they can't kill their victims?

Another disturbing question is, "Why don't I feel like I'm saved?

In Ephesians, Paul said, "One time you were darkness, but now you are light. Walk as children at the Light. I remember Apostle John saying, "If you walk in darkness you are not children of the light."

So, we need to know what "darkness" is and what "light" is. In darkness, you don't see. In Light, you see. It's that simple.

I think Bro. Rick Clendenen is the first person I heard say, "If there has been no change, there was no change." That's a good indication as to your salvation. Something will change inside you. That doesn't mean you become perfect and have no more struggles with the sin nature. It does mean, you have an internal check when you're tempted to go against God's nature of goodness.

If you walk in Light, and you intentionally want to cause harm, pain, or destroy the reputation of others, you'll feel bad. Walking in Light allows us to see ... it opens our eyes. When you walk in light you have the advantage of sight and understanding. Light helps us make good choices because we "see" what the outcome of our actions will be. Everything has a cause and an effect. You want to get the right effect.

If we walk in "darkness", the most obvious thing is that you can't see the dangers, the obstacles or the consequences of your actions. Darkness causes people to make choices without having an understanding of future consequences; the mental, physical and emotional pain they are causing. Darkness keeps people from seeing the long-lasting consequences of their actions. Choose Light if you want the best outcome for your life.


YOU SEE: You see obstacles that are in your way before you fall or hurt yourself or others. If you don't see obstacles, get closer to the Light (to God).

YOU LOVE: You have fellowship with one another. If you're sideways with someone and your desire is to hurt them anyway you can, get closer to the Light. According to John, if you have fellowship with God you also will have fellowship with others who are believers in Jesus Christ. Fellowship is not a church dinner or a church service. Fellowship is communing. It's talking and building relationships. It's kindness to others.

YOU KNOW: If you're walking in Light, by FAITH, you know the blood of Jesus, God's son, cleanses you from all sin. It's not that you won't sin, but if you do, that internal Light clicks on and you feel bad. You ask forgiveness and start over trying to do better the next time. You can know you're saved if you walk in Light, if you're not trying to hurt someone else. Choose Light over darkness if you want the best outcome for your life.

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