Improvements at the Pavilion in Wickliffe

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

Improvements at the Pavilion in Wickliffe | advance yeoman,ballard,wickliffe,boat ramp,river front,Mississippi river,improvements at the pavilion

Wickliffe – Wickliffe City Council Member George Lane discussed improvements at the Pavilion on the riverfront in Wickliffe.  Lane informed the Advance Yeoman that there are new signs designating parking for those coming to the Pavilion.

Lane pointed out several new signs that have been erected at the Pavilion.  There are “No Truck and Trailer” parking signs in an area that is designated for cars and trucks with out trailers.  When parking one’s vehicle in this area, one should park east and west, so that visitors can look out of their windshield and see the great Mississippi River directly in front of them.  Trucks with trailers are encouraged to park in a designated area across from the boat ramp access road.  The newly paved loop is not to be used as a parking area continued Lane.  The boat ramp has been extended farther into the water.  If the river drops 8 or 9 feet, boats can still be launched into the river.

Per Lane, the Army Corp of Engineers has installed two new watermark lines.  The water mark line closest to the river is at 30 feet.  Farther up, there is a watermark line at 50 feet.