Kevil City Council Members approve first reading of city dog ordinance

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

Kevil City Council Members approve first reading of city dog ordinance

Kevil – Attorney Jeffery Alford presented the revised Ordinance 2013-7 (Kevil City Dog Ordinance) to the Kevil City Council Members for approval. Alford asked the Council Members if they would like to change “dogs” to “animals” regarding the added section of the “pooper scooper” portion. After some consideration, the Council Members agreed that “dogs” should not be replaced by “animals”. The Council Members passed the first reading of the Kevil City Dog Ordinance. During September’s meeting, Council Members tabled a city dog ordinance and discussed warnings versus citations. The current Kevil City Dog Ordinance also states that owners of dogs will be issued a citation instead of a warning for the first offense; this is different from what the Ballard County Dog Ordinance states.


Under other old business, Rod Martin of Hunter Martin & Associates discussed a recent phone call that he and Alford had with a representative of the Commonwealth of Kentucky regarding the Kevil City map on record. The current map on record was submitted in 1982. Martin said that the representative has requested that some additional information be added to the three sets of fifteen plans. Martin continued by saying that they need to add “existing city limits” onto the plans and submit them for approval. The annexation process has taken over a year and still needs the full approval from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Under new business, Mayor Charles Burnley brought up the subject of property maintenance. Several Council Members discussed that they had been approached by citizens regarding one property in particular. It was decided that Alford would draw up two letters about property maintenance to be sent to the individuals. These letters will be a formal request made by the City of Kevil to have the properties in question be cleaned up.


The next Kevil City Hall Meeting will be held on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 10 am.