Kevil City Water well goes down

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

Kevil – Mayor Charles Burnley informed the Commissioners that 3 – ½ years ago everything was replaced on the well except the motor. According to Burnley, the well company says that Kevil’s water is corrosive. Burnley also stated that the individual who inspected the well says the problem is that it is the foreign pipe that was installed previously by the well company. Burnley continued by saying that oil is not getting to the pump. Said individual recommends installing a water lubrication pump system. It is a more expensive pump system with a stainless drive. Also, Burnley let the Commissioners know that the La Center Water Department looked at Kevil’s pump and agree with said individual’s recommendation. The new well pump system will cost approximately $15,500. Rod Martin of Hunter Martin & Associates stated, “It sounds reasonable.” Commissioner Charlie Trice suggested that the City of Kevil sink another well because the two current wells are very old. This would provide the City of Kevil with a back up well. 

Under old business, Martin discussed the water and sewer rate study for the City of Kevil. During the April 2013 meeting, Martin discussed projected monies for 2014 as well as the percentage of monies currently used for depreciation for the City of Kevil. The question of how much that percentage to use for the future was brought up. During the recent meeting, Martin reviewed projected rate increases and how they would affect the revenues and setting aside the depreciation funds with the Commissioners. The goal is to pay 100% of the depreciation to purchase a new system when the time comes Martin continued. Martin had previously stated in April’s meeting, “If you keep the rates the same…show a loss on water for the city and county.” According to Commissioner Jerry Summers, “The rates have not increased in fifteen years.” It was decided that Martin would contact Mark Davis of the Purchase Area Development District (PADD) and ask for rates with surrounding communities for comparison. As of right now, no action will be taking place to increase the water and sewer rates.

Under other old business, the Commissioners tabled a city dog ordinance. They have reviewed the Ballard County dog ordinance and discussed warnings versus citations and how to collect monies for the citations.

More old business, Burnley brought up an ordinance determining what the minimum square footage requirement needs to be for living spaces. The Commissioners do not want a storage unit space to be used as living quarters for the residents of Kevil. Lot sizes as well as the minimum square footage for homes, duplexes and manufactured homes were discussed. At this time, it was decided that nothing was to be decided.

The next Kevil City Hall Meeting will be held on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 10 am