La Center City Hall Meeting;City of La Center hires new Chief of Police

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

La Center City Hall Meeting 05-13-2014

City of La Center hires new Chief of Police


La Center – At the recent La Center City Hall meeting, the Commissioners made and passed a motion to hire Kevin Green as the new Chief of Police for La Center. Former Chief of Police, Tony Hall resigned recently. Green will be starting his career as Chief of Police on Thursday, May 15, 2014. The Commissioners discussed along with Mayor Jamie Hack that some routine maintenance was performed by Rex Powell’s to the police car that Hall drove. The oil was changed and the tires were rotated as well as other maintenance performed. The windshield had an approximately two foot crack in it since the Ice Storm of 2009 was replaced as well. According to the Mayor, the rotors also need to be replaced.


Fire Chief Ronnie Goodman gave the fire department report. Goodman stated that the lights in the engine bay at the Fire station are going out and need to be replaced. Goodman is looking into purchasing nine new light fixtures that hold 6 lights each instead of replacing the ballasts. Commissioner Joe Whipple made the comment that replacing the ballasts would cost just as much as purchasing new light fixtures. Goodman continued by saying that he likes to get three quotes when purchasing new items for the Fire Station to ensure that he gets the best deal that he can.