LCHS “Rises to the Occasion”


LCHS “Rises to the Occasion” | livingston ledger,livingston,ACT,celebration,livingston central high school

When teachers and administrators received scores from the state mandated testing they immediately had red shirts printed that said “Rise to the Occasion” and started planning a celebration. 

Livingston Central High School achieved a record high ranking for Livingston County.  LCHS is now ranked at the 75th percentile among Kentucky high schools which is rise from last year’s 23rd percentile.  Scores were also up in all five measurable areas of the test (achievement, gap, growth, college and career readiness and graduation rate).  In addition, Livingston Central’s all-star performance landed them the status of a “Proficient-High Progressing” school because they are now in the top 10% of schools who have shown improvement across the state.  

The school wide celebration was filled with fun games and refreshments as well as time for recognition of individual student achievements on the test.  Students and teachers competed against each other is several different contests, and a group of students even gathered on the gym floor to form “19.6”.  The 19.6 represented the schools average ACT score which was a record high.  Students were then recognized for scoring proficient or distinguished on end of course exams in algebra II, English II, biology, and on demand writing, for passing the Kentucky occupational skills standards assessment (KOSSA), and for meeting college and career readiness benchmarks on the ACT.

Faculty wore their “Rise to the Occasion” shirts to the assembly as a tribute to the students’ academic accomplishments.  Administrators thanked students and teachers for their hard work and challenged them to continue the trend of outstanding academic performance.