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Local Republicans voice concerns of new Carlisle County building during Fiscal Court Meeting

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Local Republicans voice concerns of new Carlisle County building during Fiscal Court Meeting

BARDWELL- The Carlisle County Fiscal Court met in regular session Tuesday December 3.

Those attending were County Judge/Executive Greg Terry, County Court Clerk Michael Toon, Magistrates Sonny Pearson, Lloyd Presson, Attorney Mike Hogancamp, Secretary Brandi Webb, Treasure Susan Bailey, Emergency Management Director Carassi Viniard, 911 Director Josh Glover, Ambulance Director Wayne Floyd, Road Supervisor Jerry Bowman, Transportation Office Ronnie Owens, Coroner Steve Freeman, Donna Laird with Dispatch, Visitors included PADD Rep. Jeremy Buchanan, Gordon Henshaw, Shirley Phillips, Larry Wilson, Ken Barraiger, Todd Throngmorton, Jeff Newton, Larry Kelley, Sara Bennett with the Carlisle County Weekly, and Lilly Morefield with the Carlisle County News.

Judge Terry called the meeting to order at 9:30AM and welcomed everyone for attending.

A motion made by Pearson and 2nd by Presson to accept the Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Ambulance Report; Floyd stated that the ambulance service made 53 runs for the month, with one air transports. He stated that EMT classes are almost over and that   Saturday will be graduation.

Jail Report; Owens stated the county has 4 inmates in Hickman County Detention Center and 2 in Ballard County.

Road Report; Bowman stated the county road crew has been working on culverts. He also stated that the shoulder box that is used almost every day has broke and that a new one will cost somewhere around $742 and that the scrap metal the county has may be enough to purchase the new one. A motion was made and carried for Bowman to purchase a new shoulder box.

Emergency Management Director Viniard updated on the weather warning and the more options available for the new service.

911 and Solid Waste Report; Glover stated that the service had a total of 183 calls for the month. He also stated they have been updating for the CAD System and that they have been going door to door getting phone numbers and addresses if they did not already have them in the files.

New business included Citizens Bank Franchise Tax of $29,981.05 the county received. A motion was made by Presson and 2nd by Pearson to approve the Treasure Monthly Report, Food Bank donations from USEC for $500 and United Steelworkers local 550 for $1000 was received. Also discussed was a fence that Chip Wright put up near County Road 1324, after some discussion a decision was made for the County Attorney to look over the property and see what needs, if anything, to be done. Terry stated the fence was put up to keep riders from getting on the Wright land but now they are worried it may come up later with an issue involving where the fence is located. West end in Arlington was discussed Terry stated the county made a barrier to trying to direct the water flow quicker to the creeks. He stated should we ask the landowner or the city to maintain the barrier.

Members of the Republican Party attended the meeting to voice that they are opposed to the new Carlisle County Building that is projected to be built.

Jeff Newton the Carlisle County Republican Chair Person stated the Republican Party met on Tuesday November 7, to discuss candidates for the 2014 election. He continued stating also discussed during the republic meeting was the county proposed building. He stated there was a decision by the Republican Party to oppose the building of such a facility based on the fact that the county would be responsible for the major portion of the cost. He added which would very likely result in tax increase. Terry explained that funding for the building will come from a grant and tax revenue from the Ambulance Service and Extension Service. After questions concerning the amount of the building Terry stated the county will be responsible for 1.3 million but the building will take in revenue by being available to rent for weddings and parties that are now happening at the Columbus Belmont Activities Center. After more questions concerning taxes Brandi Webb said, the construction for the building is not based on future collections but is based on what we take in now.

Larry Wilson said, “I would think you would be more concerned with inner structures such as the Arlington and Milburn Water districts instead of a new building.” Terry explained the county made available a new sanitation flat rate billing to help with the sanitation payment for Bardwell and Arlington. Webb stated Arlington has a representative that is on the Sanitation Board and they were good with it.

After more discussion concerning the building Terry stated we knew everyone would not be for the new building. After asking if there were any more questions and none were presented a motion was made and approved to adjourn the meeting.

The next Fiscal Court Meeting will be held on December 17, at 9:30AM.

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