Local writer scores more stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul books


Local writer scores more stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul books | Linda Defew,Salem,Chicken Soup for the Soul,book,Inspiration for Writers,Lemons to Lemonade,Devotionals for Wives,It’s Christmas!,livingston ledger

Linda Defew, of Salem, is happy to announce that she’s had four stories accepted this year for Chicken Soup for the Soul books -- Inspiration for Writers, Lemons to Lemonade, Devotionals for Wives, and It’s Christmas! Each book contains 101 stories from real people like herself who write true stories based on a particular subject.

“I watch for the topics Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for. Then, if I have a story that fits, I get busy, making sure I submit before the closing date.”

In Inspiration for Writers, she attempted to inspire other writers by writing about her college English professor’s off-the-wall method of teaching; Lemons to Lemonade covers her physical decline when rheumatoid arthritis struck and how she got her “bling” back; in Devotionals for Wives, she looks at love as something that grows instead of something you fall into; and, It’s Christmas tells the unbelievable story of two lifeless pups born on Christmas Eve.

Today, she has several submissions out there, hopefully to be accepted for publication. “Sometimes it’s a year before I hear from them.” Still, she keeps on writing stories for Chicken Soup as well as other magazines such as Christian Woman, Lost Treasures, Kaleidoscope, The Writer, Happier, Fate, and many more.

Linda is quick to acknowledge her dependence on writing. “It‘s my therapy. I don‘t know what I‘d do without it. RA has taken away my old hobbies -- sewing, quilting, crocheting. Freelance writing is the window God opened when I thought all was lost.”

Now, she spends every available minute writing down her life stories. “It makes me happy when someone with similar experiences can relate to my stories. They are the people I write for.”