Mayor Burnley signs Annexation Resolutions and Council holds second reading to increase water and sewer rates

Jason Paul, KPI Staff

Mayor Burnley signs Annexation Resolutions and Council holds second reading to increase water and sewer rates

Kevil – Attorney Jeff Alford presented to Mayor Charles Burnley twelve different documents that required certification and the Mayor’s signature to proceed with the Kevil Annexation.  Alford informed the City Council that a motion needed to be made and passed for the twelve resolutions to approve the Kevil Annexation.  There are still three properties that the City of Kevil would like to annex into Kevil.  These property owners need to be contacted and the city will be required to adopt these properties separately.

The Council discussed other annexations to the City of Kevil.  They would like to have the Industrial Park annexed as well.   The streets have not been deeded to the City of Kevil.  The City of Kevil maintains the roads and collects the taxes. The City of Kevil is looking to the future because the streets associated with the Industrial Park will eventually connect to the new US Highway 60.

Under old business, the second reading of the water rates with the 60% depreciation was read and passed as Ordinance 2013-2.   Alford stated that the notice is required to be in the newspaper 30 days prior to increasing the rates so as to inform the citizens of Kevil.  City clerk Donna Stevens indicated that she will be mailing a copy of the notice to the residents of Kevil. 

Citizen Rickey Huddleston currently residing on Gage Rd approached the City Council about decreasing the speed limit from 55mph to 35mph on Gage Rd.  Huddleston relayed that he had contacted the state to discuss the speed limit and was informed by the state official that the City of Kevil needs to send a statement to the state to get the speed limit lowered.  Stevens discussed with the City Council that she too had contacted the state about the speed limit. However, she did say that Huddleston got farther than she did. After the meeting, Burnley said that Huddleston had discussed this matter with him at an earlier date.


Under other old business, the City Council adopted the county dog ordinance with an amendment.  The City Council does not want Animal Control to issue a warning first like the County ordinance does.  The City of Kevil would like to have a citation issued first.