New PRRT treatment achieving remarkable results in Salem

Kurt Engelhardt, LL Editor

New PRRT treatment achieving remarkable results in Salem | PRRT treatment,livingston,livingston ledger,Gary Brown,livingston county hospital

A few weeks ago I was invited to a breakfast gathering in the Marion Cafe.  Some of those around the table were from Crittenden and others from Livingston County.  The group actually gathers once a month to share their experiences in removing pain from their lives, thanks to Gary Brown, a Physical Therapist at LHHS, Inc. in Salem.
I spoke first with Jerry Henson. Last December Jerry Henson fell backwards off a ladder when the fourth rung broke, landing on the concrete, where another friend fell across Jerry's arm and shoulder.  “When I got up my entire arm and shoulder were killing me.  I went to the hospital for xray's but nothing was broken.  The pain continued, so three months later I went up north and had an MRI done.  They said my bicep muscle was stretched and sent me to therapy.  I came back and went to see Gary at the hospital in Salem and the very first day, he took the pain out of my shoulder.  The pain just disappeared and I was so relieved.  I had been in very bad pain since my fall and it was gone.  That was on a Tuesday and I came back for more therapy on Wednesday and Friday that week to begin some exercises as part of the therapy.  The pain was gone, so we cut the therapy back to one day a week. I had been in pain for six or seven months, but when I saw Gary and took a treatment, the pain was gone and with some followup exercises, it has not come back and I am so happy.  I have recommended Gary to several people and he has been able to help a lot of them.”
I then asked Brown about his treatment of Jerry.  I predominately use PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT™) on everybody the first one or two treatments to find out what kind of response they are going to get.  If the reflexers are not playing a major role in their problem, then it's going to tell me within two treatments.  If that is the case, then I move on to other conventional methods of treatment.  Nine times out of ten the reflex system has been uploaded.  I may be able to calm the reflex system, but then it may reload between sessions.  If the pain comes back, then that tells me diagnostically that it wants to quiet down, but it won't because there are other things in the way.  There's a mechanical problem or an issue with something else that is blocking what is going on, so the reflexers pop back up to protect the area.  It if helps and it lasts that is great.  If it helps, but it doesn't last we have other issues that we have to deal with during our therapy sessions.  With Jerry, we were able to take away the pain right away, but three of four treatments in he started having an ache in his arm.  We were able to start him on some traditional stretching exercises and the ache went away and he is now pain free.  This new system works seamlessly with the other methods that I've been taught in school, but it can cut right to the source of the pain, so we can work to remove it.”
Jerry then points out Sandra, our waitress for this breakfast gathering.  “She had two knees replaced and was in constant pain.  She could barely get up and needed help to get up out of a chair.  This was a full year after having both her knees replaced.  I told her about my success with Gary and the physical therapy department in Salem and she went out there and now look at her, running around here delivering our food and taking orders with a smile on her face and no pain.  She's even back riding her horse – she's doing great,” Henson added.
I then asked Sandra Hawthorn how she was helped:  “Since I had the pain for a full year after having both knees replaced, I just thought it was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  I went back to another surgeon and he said my knees were fine and couldn't help me with the pain.  I had tried traditional physical therapy, but it didn't help with the pain in both knees.  I took Jerry's advice and went to see Gary and within two treatments of this PRRT, my pain was gone.  I am one happy person.  The difference is like night and day.  With the success that Jerry and I have both had, we have sent well over twenty people to Gary for therapy including my daughter Tracy.”
Tracy Cook then shared her story:  “I had a head injury thirteen years ago and they never even mentioned physical therapy to me.  I had several problems with my face and my sinuses, as well as problems with my feet and hands.  Since the head injury, I have had no sense of smell, and when Gary worked on me that second time, my sense of smell came back.  It's just amazing and I'm encouraging many people to go see Gary including my mother-in-law because she is having back issues.  She too was sitting around the table at breakfast listening to the many patients who have found relief thanks to Gary and the staff at Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services, Inc. and is planning to call and make an appointment.
Tracy's father Tom was also among the people who are so thankful for the success of this new therapy that Gary is providing in Salem.  “I had a broken leg and and went to Paducah and they set it after I fell on an icy hill while chasing a horse.  I had several different casts, but the pain never went away.  It was hard to get up and down off the tractor or the truck.  After my wife went to the hospital at Salem for therapy and had such wonderful success, I also went to see Gary for therapy and after just one treatment – my leg is fixed.  Terry Boone PA-C had sent me to Gary as a referral to see if therapy would help and Gary and his treatmen made all the difference in the world.  No pain and I get to do whatever I feel like again.” 
Another breakfast patron at the table was Phyllis Teeters who had fallen on her face, and learned she had broken her nose when visiting with an Ear, Nose and Throat physician.  It turned out to be a closed head injury and Gary has helped her find relief as well.  
Tom also added, “you have to want to feel better and do the work and exercises, but Gary was able to help our entire family.  My daughter’s injuries were years ago, but the therapy worked.”
Jerry was also impressed that Gary would take time to pray with his patients if they wanted him to.  “Between him and the Lord, they heal a lot of people and take the pain out of their bodies.  There is no telling how long people have gone in pain before they came to see Gary and gotten relief like I did.  I just think it's a wonderful thing that they have prayer in the therapy office if you ask for it before your treatment and as you are preparing to leave.  
Everyone who came to breakfast at the Marion Cafe that morning echoed the same thing and they feel like Gary at the Physical Therapy Deparment are giving them back their lives.