Newberry changes party affiliation from Democrat Party Independent

Staff Report

Newberry changes party affiliation from Democrat Party Independent

PADUCAH - In a press release issued Monday, McCracken County Judge-Executive Van Newberry announced his decision to change his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

Newberry said "I have come to the conclusion that political offices, particularly on the County level, should be nonpartisan and have decided that the best way to impartially serve everyone in McCracken County, be they Republican, Democrat or any other Party, is to be an independent public servant,"

Newberry said the recent government shutdown helped spur this decision, and Senator Bob Leeper's example from several years ago also gained his respect and admiration.

The Judge-Executive pointed out that County Judge-Executives in Fulton and Calloway Counties have also left the Democratic Party and became Independents and stated that there are local elected officials in both parties that he respects and admires, Newberry added that he also agrees with some issues of both parties.

"I believe this change to Independent will make me a better public servant for McCracken County," Newberry said.
In the press release Newberry stated “The words of our first President, George Washington, who was an Independent, have especially resonated with me as I believe they still hold true today. President Washington expressed concern in his farewell address that political parties could be the downfall of our nation. He warned of the danger of political parties and how they could turn the government from a group of people interested in their nation’s future to a mob of power hungry professional politicians. Today, it seems his words were prophetic.”