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Outdoor Truths by Gary Miller; Hours in the car...;gary@outdoortruths.org

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Recently, I was able to take an extended trip with Richard Jordan of Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship. Our destination was Dallas, Texas and since we had several stops to make, we decided to drive. Now this is normally a terrible idea, but it gave Richard and me a lot of time to talk about all things ministry and outdoors. Our itinerary included a Friday and Saturday meeting with a bunch of Texas guys who loved to hunt and who wanted to use this passion to connect with other guys. So we met at the Davis Ranch to hunt, eat, sling lead at a few wild hogs and turkey, and share ideas among new friends. It was truly a great time. 

Of course, driving a car in and around Dallas has its own challenges. Our circle of stops probably extended 60 or 70 miles from the center of the city. Needless to say, we spent hours upon hours in a car. The problem was that Richard thought that his own memory and instincts were better than any GPS every invented. We now know they are not. While my Tom Tom consistently urged Richard to make a particular turn; his recent memories of traveling these same streets told him that “Tom” was wrong. After a few hours of watching Richard ignore the directions, I decided to let him take us in the direction he felt he needed to go. So I watched and watched, and began to think; we men really do have it bad. (and some have it worse than others.. hint, hint) Finally, against every fiber of Richard’s being, he humbled himself long enough to begrudgingly yield to “Tom.” And we arrived at our destinations. On the way home, I drove. I simply followed the GPS while Richard and I talked. I noticed how the stress level was completely gone simply because we trusted the GPS to lead us safely home. 

As Richard refused to accept “Tom’s” superior knowledge concerning directions; I thought………… “God, I can’t make up a more perfect picture of how most of us do You.” Sure enough, the picture could not have been painted any clearer. How many times have I relied on my gut or my instincts when God has made clear to me that I need to go a certain way? In my complaint I argue that it don’t feel right or it don’t seem right, or I’ve been here before and this is not the right way – anything but taking the way that God has put right before my eyes! But I have also noticed how when I take the instructions from God, I live a lot less stressful life. Maybe you too need to quit arguing with God as if you have more knowledge of your life than He does; and simply take the next turn that has clearly been marked before you. It might make your life a whole lot less stressful and you will arrive in the place that God has planned just for you. 

 p.s. Thanks Richard, for this week’s Truth.

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