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Today is Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Rain is expected for today. I’ve been hearing these words almost every day for the past two months. June was one of the wettest months in our history and July has followed suit. During one stretch it rained for five straight days. I went to church during that time and they were only letting us in two by two – male and female. I am having to mow my grass about every five days; between the showers.  I know there will be some good results that will come from all this rain. The crops look really healthy. The corn and bean fields that I have witnessed have looked pristine. Many oak trees will flourish with acorns. The deer will have plenty of options for food this coming fall. And that is always a positive. But let me say this for some of you who are trying to keep from being negative or who are trying to keep from complaining; I’m sick of the rain! Now that I said it, you can either say “me too” or you can tell me how I should not complain. I don’t think there are any other options. Now don’t get me wrong, I try not to complain about the weather. I try to keep in mind that I have no say-so over such things and complaining is fruitless and sometimes tends to make me unthankful. But sometimes I just like to let one out (like I’m doing right now). And to be honest I feel better!

Some will say that God gives the weather so therefore we should not complain when we get certain conditions. I would say that answer is only partially true. I think there are a couple of other areas where we can safely cast blame; one is ourselves and the other is our ancestors. Concerning ourselves, there are some people who love living next to the river. In fact, I would love to have a small lot on the river. But I would need to understand that lots of rain causes rivers to rise. It’s just mathematics – not God. And if I build my little cabin without giving this much thought, it will eventually flood. And while I may shake my head at God asking why, He will probably be shaking His head at me asking the same thing. And what about our ancestors? My greatest granddaddy was a man by the name of Adam. He and his wife Eve were seduced by a fallen angel called Lucifer. And the results of that seduction was the fallen world that we live in. It is the results of sin and it not only affected mankind, but the earth we live on. So go ahead and complain, but do so intelligently. Blame mankind and in doing so you will bring attention to the goodness of God and will remind us all that one day that cabin on the river will never flood.

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