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Perhaps one of the best tools that have been added to the sportsman’s gear box has been the laser rangefinder. It has lessened the learning curve tremendously. What was once the primary focus of information in order to make a good shot, is now almost taken completely out of the process. To know the distance to our target one must simply point this small gadget at the mark and push a button. Within a second a yardage distance is given that is accurate to within a few feet. Now, gun and bow hunters alike can take aim with confidence knowing this variable is managed for them. It has changed the game. And not only has this technology infiltrated the hunting industry but golfers are stuffing their bags with this little gadget as well. But an even greater use has come from our military. Our marksmen are now able to have a quick and accurate way to measure the distance to a threatening target.

I can remember, however, when these rangefinders were much less advanced. It used to be they could only accurately cover less than 50 yards and in order for them to work, the new owner must calibrate them. For this to happen you would simply step off 20 yards and turn the calibrating wheel to the 20 yard mark. It now understood what a 20 yard distance was. With that information, it could then determine yardage that was more or less than that initial figure. But unlike today’s laser rangefinders, these would occasionally lose their settings through the conditions of the season and have to be recalibrated to what is accurate. Things have really changed.

I also know there are occasions that we too must recalibrate our lives. We may start out with a very solid and correct view of things and then life happens. It may be a divorce, a job loss, the death of a loved one, or a host of other things. As a result, you are knocked off center. I know this because now you are bitter; and you were never bitter before. Now you don’t trust anyone, but you used to. Now the only person you can think of is yourself. But before, you were never that self-centered. And what about all the complaining you do? You were never known for that. My friend, it’s time that you went back, grabbed your Bible, got alone with God, and allowed Him to show you that He has never lost control, He has never left you, and He has His finger on the pulse of everything going on in your life. Your trouble will not be lost. It is not invaluable. It will be fuel to fire the purposes God has for you. Now, realize that your calibration has been knocked off, take this new information, and make the necessary adjustments so that you are once again the person God has made you and that you want to be.

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