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Resurrected right here, right now

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"The Bible story is not about making bad people good, it is about making dead people alive" (Singer, David Crowder).

Have you ever felt dull inside? A little displaced? I've always been a very busy person. Active at something even it was traveling. But, lately, there is only so much cleaning a person can do; so much reading; so much Bible study, so much gardening, so much painting ... and too much sitting and way too much television. There have been a few days that I've experienced feelings of dullness, no enthusiasm, and no desire to do anything. Not because I'm home so much, but because I've become so content to sit home and enjoy the peace and quiet within my own walls.

I recently ran across a quote by David Crowder (singer, songwriter, minister and author) that has really put a different perspective on my Bible study and sparked a new interest in my study and prayer time. He writes, "The meta-narrative of scripture is about innocence lost, it is about displacement, about things not being right and a search for belonging and home and forgiveness and reconciliation, the tension of death and life, what it means to be alive. The story is not about making bad people good, it is about making dead people alive. The story sold is rarely that."

Somehow that just struck a chord with me. It's a story about making dead people alive!

There are masses of Christians who feel dead, dull and depressed for many reason. But, I wonder if one of the biggest reasons is what I've been experiencing? In the natural, if we sit too long we're going to get stiff. The same goes with our spiritual life. If we just sit back and enjoy the peace and comfort of being a Christian, we will eventually get stiff. Spirituality, is like a muscle, if you don't use it you lose it. Too much sitting makes one weak. If we become so content to sit home and enjoy watching pastors preach while we sit in our pajamas, will we eventually get stiff and hate to move out of our comfort zone?

I thought of the Bible story as NOT making bad people good, but making dead people alive and remembered Ephesians 1:3 which says God has "Blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. (Literally, in the heavenlies). What does that mean? I looked it up and found it includes our life here on earth; our relationships; our service; our suffering; our inheritance; and our future glory with God.

We are blessed in all things, and during, all things. It's like a canopy that covers everything pertaining to your life. 2 Peter 1:4 says he's "given us GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES. We have something to literally hold onto. Not a pie in the sky or something we can't see, but literal promises we can hold in our heart and mind.

What are "all spiritual blessings"? Number one, you have an inheritance. Read Rom 8:14, 16-17. Verse 15 says bondage was, and is, a place of fear. That's a place you don't want to be. Romans says we are his child! Being a son or daughter carries a lot of weight. Who do you think would be more nervous and fearful to walk into President Donald Trump's office, me or his daughter? I promise, it would be me who would be nervous and fearful. I could do my best to look and act exemplary and I would still be nervous. On the other hand, his daughter could walk into his office in her pajamas and sit right down in his lap and not be a bit nervous. That's the difference in the spirit of bondage and the Spirit of adoption. It's the difference in being a child with an inheritance. God's intention is to take us from a place of being dead to a place of being alive.

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