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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood; A made-up mind

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A made-up mind

     It really pays to have a made-up mind, and especially concerning something that is good and proper. By a made-up mind, I mean someone that is completely convinced that in spite of everybody and everything, they will stick to their convictions even to death if necessary.

    Job was such a man. Now Job’s troubles came upon him without his knowledge or consent. These trials did not come because he had sinned, as his friends accused him of. In fact, God told the devil twice that Job was a perfect man.

     Job’s God preplanned and instigated the whole thing without any warning. Job’s integrity was such that God knew how Job would react to the trial. God picked Job to these sufferings for a reason. That reason was to show the whole world that a made-up mind can endure anything, learn humility, and keep faith intact until his change comes.

     Job hated the trial. The pain was beyond comprehension. The mockery was cruel. The false accusations were so very hurtful. The loss of his wealth was fearful. The loss of all his children, brought confusion. His wife giving up on him was the final blow. Everything and everybody was gone, and his mind was numb with grief. Job wanted to die, but he couldn’t. He wished he had never been born. The hurts, physically, and emotionally were more than he could take, or so he thought.

     God had a different plan for Job and would not let him die. God’s greatness was going to be seen without a doubt. Job had no choice. He learned patience, submission, humility, grace, and faith by the things he suffered. In the latter part of Job’s life, God repaid him double, because he endured to the end with a made-up mind.

All the characters in the Bible were placed in similar situations by the Divine plan and will of their God. None would have knowingly placed themselves in their dire and dangerous circumstances that they found themselves in. If it had been up to them, they would have chosen the easy, prosperous way out.

     Contrary to most of today’s religious preaching and teaching, you will be tried as by fire. Are you ready? Is your mind made up? I think so, because I know God will not put more on you than you can bear.

Jesus in mine                        




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