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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Being Calm in a Storm

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Say What?

Being Calm in a Storm

by Phillip M. Hazelwood

We are to do everything we do as unto the Lord. If we believe that there is a living God, then we know that He is watching us all the time and listening to what we say. He also feels our hurts and pains and shares our joys. He is our spiritual Father and cares about what we care about. He loves us and wants our souls to be satisfied at all times. Even when we lose our loved ones to death we can still have a calm peaceful heart and through sickness and pain we can still trust the Lord to have mercy on us. I can tell you this is the truth because I lost my own 39-year-old son after a year-long battle with heart disease.

We love the Lord because He first loved us. He is our comfort. He is our positive in a world of negative. If we will slow down, calm down and think about what we are doing and why we are doing it, things will come into focus. Whatever we do, let us do it slow and right the first time and we won't have to do it two or three more times to get it right. Stay mindful of God and do all that we do, unto Him.

So many people think that God is some being afar off, way up in Heaven somewhere that we can't reach, and besides that we have been so bad that He won't help us, anyway. The truth is that God is that Holy Spirit that lives inside of us. That is why we can never get away from either good or evil. Both good and evil are spirits and these two forces continually do battle in our mind to gain control of our body.

If we will slow down and stay calm, honestly and prayerfully follow the good and sweet wisdom of our Heavenly Father and pray to resist temptation, then we can overcome the tempter. Fear God and depart from evil and live.

Jesus is our Lord.

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