Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Everything will be alright

Phillip Hazelwood

Say What?

Everything will be alright

Our Lord is not out to get us for doing wrong. He is not looking for a reason to harm us or permanently cripple us and absolutely show us who is boss.  He is not mean and spiteful, but He does want to lead us in the right way; a way of peace and hope. He wants us to be safe and happy and free from addictions and fears, with a contented mind without fear of the future and not sad over the past.


We have all done and said many hurtful things both to ourselves and others. We have been used and abused in one way or another and we have done the same unto someone else. We have been selfish and vindictive; determined to pass our pain on to somebody else; make someone suffer just like we did. We've been vengeful, hateful, and mean. Mad, sad and unforgiving. Destroying our own peace and security without even knowing we were doing it because we didn't understand who God was nor even care to know Him.


God is love. If we are not forgiving and loving people, then we are deceived and don't know God and his purpose. His mission is to heal the broken hearted. To free us from addictions, including gluttony, evil speaking and self righteousness. To be made free to love again in the right way, we must know the truth and be able to handle it. Look at our self and answer this question; "Why am I so quick to find fault with everybody else, yet never think that there may be something wrong with my attitude?" Keep it simple. God loves us and only wants us to love and praise him and make him look good. We do this by obeying the law and being sweet and kind to all others and bear our burdens with a smile and a quiet confidence that everything is alright now. Now is today.

Jesus is right now.