Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Faith vs. Fear

Phillip Hazelwood

Faith vs. Fear 

Living by faith, otherwise known as trusting in God does not mean that we will always be strong and never be afraid. As a matter of fact, the Word will be tried, so, therefore at times we will be strong in faith and at other times weak. 

Life has always been that way for all mankind. Good times roll and then suddenly without warning comes sudden fear. Bad news troubles us and we doubt what we one-time believed. Sickness brings us down and financial troubles make us fearful. Accidents happen and tragedy shakes us to our core.

We look for help here and look for relief there. What we thought was bad, gets worse and we become more desperate. What to do, where to go, how did it happen, and how could it be, are questions that trouble our soul. We never believed it would end up this way, but here is where we have ended up so what we can do now?

Why? Why? Why? Who can we talk to that has been through this and will understand our troubles? We tried to do what we thought was right. We helped the poor and we treated people right. We did all the things that we were told to do, yet here we are, alone and afraid. Confused and broken hearted.

Well, guess what! It is decision time. Faith vs. fear. Do we dig deep, turn back to our God, keep trusting in Him regardless of what we face, or do we cower down in fear and give up? 

I'll tell you what we will do. We will understand that everything that happens to us is for a reason. Our life is not just one big mess. We are not alone and we will not be afraid. Everything is by Divine Design.

Back to God we go. In everything, give thanks. Hold our tongue from complaining. Sing through the pain. Smile through the tears. Our faith gives us the victory again.


Jesus is our Faith.