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Say What? by Phillip Hazelwood;Get back up

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Get back up

 Do not be afraid. Do not give up and do not turn your back to your enemies.  Don't let bad news frighten you. Many times troubles come suddenly and other times it is a gradual decline.


This fortitude is called gameness, perseverance, faith.  It is an attitude that says we will win or die trying.  There is no place for shrinking back or wimping out.  Winners over come because they never stop believing.  Sure sometimes we take a beating and must pause for a bit to gather strength, but soon we are back in the battle.


Just when it seems all hope is lost and there is no way to hold on and we will be swept away forever, then our God shows up and our desires become reality.  We can go from utter defeat to soaring victories in just a matter of a few hours.


What a difference a day makes.  All those no, no, no's, suddenly become yes, yes, yes.  All it takes is God's timing and our refusing to quit.  Giving up brings more pain than facing down your enemy.  Our enemies are sickness, pain, fear, doubt, poverty, shame, addictions, rejection, accusations, evil speakers, hatred and many more.


Our future is in our own hands to a large degree so we must keep the faith.  Yes, there is divine providence and God's will shall be done and that should make us very happy.  We are not alone in this world, nor will we ever be. Our purpose and destiny was established long ago, so joyfully and thankfully keep on doing what is in your heart to do.  Always get back up and try again.  Remember that salt is no good if it has lost its savor.

Jesus is my desire


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